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Quality Control

Quality Management System

We are trying to improve our control on quality to meet customer requirement. Especially, we focus on traceability control not only for quality control but also for making a quick proposal of products condition to continuous customers.

Production Serial Number

We started computer control of production process more than 20 years ago.
This system have been improved and now we can control and implement serial number on each products’ surface.


Factors which are important for Quality Control, production condition, heat temperature, chemical composition and production date and time, can be controlled and kept in system.


Production date RFID
Chemical Composition Quantovac analysis
Production Condition Barcode reader
Heat Temperature Thermocouple thermometer

Visible Products Information

Each mold has visible data card on surface. There are described information of requirement such as heat temperature, grade and weight. It makes easier to recognize production requirement for each products.

Moreover, these cards are useful for shipping process to prevent miss-shipping of products.

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