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Company Policy

President Message

Casting metal has long history, and it is said that the origin is ancient Mesopotamia. It is thought to be the casting metal technology spread to Japan through East Asia, China and Korea.
After that, this useful technology became popular in Japan to produce various shape and usage of casting metal products to meet requirement in each era and situation.

Goidou Industry (GID) is the one who produce casting metal products from ancient Nara era in Japan.
We recognize the importance of casting metal products in each industries, and have continued this business with following Japanese history.
Recently, industry trend has been moving from heavy material basis business to business focusing on sustainability in Japan. Our business, casting metal can contribute environment by using recycling material, and has advantages in various shape including complicated shape and high resistance for vibration decrement.
We continuously try to develop ourselves by installing latest technology and improving quality control and traceability.

Here, I promise that GID would continuously supply high and stable quality casting metal product and its processing products to domestic and oversea customer all the time. And I also would like to focus on comfortable working environment for our employees.

Company Policy

~ Tradition ~

We have more than thousand year’s history of producing casting metal and
will handed its technology to the future

~ Contribute to Society through casting iron ~

We aim to arrange comfortable working environment for each employees and
contribute to society through casting iron

~ Realizing customer’s requirement ~

We always try to satisfy customer’s requirement for Quality,
Cost and Delivery by using plentiful experience

Company Mark

Our Company Mark was established in 1990. GID is the initials of Japanese Characters of our company name, 五(Go) 位(I) 堂(Dou). Its round shape is imaged shape of pig iron, most important material for our production. Moreover, “ i “ has orange point on its top, and this is symbolized shine color of melting iron and our passion for the Products.

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